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Access powerful tools on the web's most beautifully crafted magical training program. Watch your intentions come to life!

Follow a personalized path of magickal instruction aligned with your natural affinities.

Personalized Magickal Training Programs

Meet soul mates and spiritual allies in a network of intimate circles and unique social clusters.

Sacred Community

Bring your dreams to life using the power of group magick and collective research.


Co-Creative Space

The Modern Masters platform is created to energetically protect and enhance your magical potential.

Benefits of Sacred Space

Produce stronger magic by following highly personalized paths of study.

Alleviate "lag and drag" on your energy field by working within a trusted network of  social resonance.

Expand your power exponentially through synergistic group work.

Gain new insights into your multi-dimensional existence through visualizations and unique fictional storylines. 

The Modern Masters platform uses the best tools and tech to support your spiritual goals.

Meet Us at the Crossroads of Magic and Technology

Game-based elements make your goals fun and easy to accomplish. 


Never lose track of your projects,  friends, and progress.



Dedicated server, no third-party sharing. 

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